I came to Docteur Cæli D'Anto with an issue that had been wearing me down for years. He listened, asked a few questions, then shared his view and asked me what I wanted. He said he would petition the spirits and if what I wanted was reasonable, they would help me. He performed the ceremony and prayed. Afterward, we talked about Vodou and hoodoo and we shared a few experiences we'd had with the spirit world throughout our lives. The Docteur is at peace with his calling, and I am on a journey to understand mine and suggested books I could read to help me along the way, and I left him that day with a sense of renewed purpose and peace of mind.

He said there are spirits who watch over mothers and children, caring for them and protecting them. I am more aware of my angels than I was before, and I am grateful for his knowledge and passion for his calling. The situation I sought his help with has improved, but more important than that, I have a peace of mind and a trust in God that increases each day. I sincerely appreciate the Docteur's taking the time to help me and to really help me understand the Vodou religion.

Testimonial By: Ms. V., Thursday 24 April, 2014