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'Hekate: Unconquerable Queen of Witches' Booklet


By Hellfurian Liontari

    • History of Hekate
    • Titan Goddess
    • Goddess of the Gods
    • Queen of Those Below
    • Three Faced Selene
    • Unconquerable Queen of Witches
    • How to Serve and Work with Hekate
    • Altar/Shrine Set Up
    • Constructing Her Image with Wax of Three Colors
    • Hekate's Sacrificial Cheesecake
    • Amulet for Protection
    • Spell to Attract a Lover
    • Charm to Invoke Hekate in Dreams
    • Petition While Making Charms and Potions
    • Hellfurian's Prayer
    • Orphic Hymn
    • Hippolytus' Petition
    • Prayer While Performing Witchcraft

18 pages | 5.25x8 inches | Paperback

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