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Dr Caeli. Thank You

I came to Doc Caeli when l was completely at a loss regarding a court trial of a loved one. The time was short but he agreed to drop e very work and help us. His divination of the situation is spot on.

He promised to help. He delivered. We got victory. It is the Judge himself that is advocating for us. Have you seen anything like that before?. Unbelievable.

Thank you.

Stellamaris — London, , United Kingdom


Love, love, love! The products offered here are awesome and the service is excellent. I ordered products from Canada and they only took a week to arrive. The quality of products available here are top notch and I will continue shopping here!
Brett — Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

Spiritual Colognes

I must say that this store is by far the best and REAL hoodoo store I have come by. I used to do business with another popular online store out west. However, I found that this store is much much better. The spiritual colognes are perfect. I find the scents invigorating especially the Fauno! Excellent conjour rubs enhance my night time rituals. I am glad that I looked into the Vodou Store.
Lorenz — Baltimore, MD, United States

I hired the services of Docteur Cli in May 2014. I felt I needed anchoring from someone with expertise and long term relationships with powerful beings/spirit's/lwas/orishas/gods/deities to help me uncross myself, protect me and reverse any works still being done against me (and yes I had severe signs of affliction both in terms of the evil eye and in terms of finding cursing paraphernalia left on the door to my building twice first on an extremely Powerful astrological phase for cursing/doing attack work, which scared me a lot), I was also still crossed from a previous horrific relationship which was more like a psychological spiritual, emotional and sexual prison and torture chamber where I was deconstructed and annihilated as a human being until I was in pieces obliterated in order to give a weak cruel man and the demonic energies he had attracted pleasure and a sense of control.

Docteur Cli contacted me very shortly after my payment, and told me he was to start as soon as we was returned from a trip. I did not hear from him a few weeks and began to worry that I was so crossed that some bad spirit's may had made a false reading about me. in order to check I did a formal tarot reading for myself first checking what he had seen for me and therefore done for me, and secondly checking to see what action he had decided if any to take against my enemies.

The results of my reading was delightful , it showed the Docteur doing prayer and healing work as he had seen my devastation as to myself and my situation, it also showed him pushing me to great phenomenal success. AS for my enemies it showed that he saw they were double crossers, unscrupulous people and so he has sent out justice reversed at them with a good dose of deserved devastation and a heap of weight possibly guilt to laden them with heaviness for the evil and cruelty they did to me and to stop.

I was extremely happy to see this works that Docteur Cli had done for me and really I couldn't of been happier. In the days that followed I found myself guided spiritually very loudly to specific people and events that really helped me and had huge healing effects on me, including something I really would normally not do-but the spiritual guidance was so strong. I also experienced a time when 2 people were making me very uncomfortable in a shamans private circle and after calling to the spirits for help (and I knew Cli had works in to help me) these 2 people who were trying to pretend to send my white light at me but were actually condemning me and attacking me! ran out screaming of the room and one was terrified of me claiming he was attacked by a spirit, the other was so effected by my mirroring her and asking for spirit back-up that she turned very ugly in a big drama fit and ran out, This confirmed to me that I was being anchored in protection and safeguarded fearlessly by Cli's spiritual army and gave me some peace and empowerment. I also joined a healing course that I would honestly never never want to do! But spiritual guidance and compelling to go there was so loud during this time that Docteur Cli was doing the works that I followed the advice and during that day course a dark void of black energy that people saw attached to the back of my head was removed and I felt hugely lighter and safer.

A few days ago my custom mojo bag arrived from the Docteur Cli, I have previously imported his stock to the UK as the quality is exceptional and instantly it is obvious that all goods have been worked over in the traditional and appropriate manners lending them much power. This custom bag was to help with the service that Docteur Cli did for me he had decided to create it. Instantly the effect was immense and impressive, I felt actually joyously drunk so strong was the effect upon holding it!!!! I literally began to feel complete Euphoria- a very dramatic change from the lack of any desire to engage in life which had effected ne for sometime. I sat with the bag amazed at the instantaneous effect and felt huge connection to a myriad of powerful spirits, I felt told to put the bag in my third eye and I felt it open , then I felt all heart break and devastation come to the front if it that had been hidden in that chakra, it was all being transmuted and dissolved, as I continued holding Doctor Cli's mojo bag at the points I was guided and was receiving this deep fast and radical emotional and soul healing I saw many if the same skull in my mind, it was a female skull softly etched in sharp pencil and she felt powerful and gentle.

Within an hour of being with the mojo bag I got a large well paid booking of my favorite work for that night from a random client, I got people being 'perfectly flexible', and felt a lust and passion for life I had not felt for a long time, and noticed that without makeup etc huge portion of men attracted to me on the metro and a feeling I will have a wonderful lover soon too from this work. I was also given the attraction eye by Hollywood star Robert Downey J that I walked past in the street myself dressed very Down and scruffy with no makeup on!!!!

I know this is all signs pointing to open roads to ongoing happiness and success thanks to the Docteur.

All this and it is early days! I have already since yesterday paid Cli for some more services and I cannot recommend him highly enough, in fact I have already recommended him to a private client needing some work!!! If hes in London UK he is welcome to visit.

Authentic worker, the real deal and a very special shop.
Zed Nevada — UK

The oil lamp book is pure tiny perfection. Absolutely beautiful...It is talismantic in nature....simply having it is a conduit to understanding the art about which it speaks... Produce more of these perfect little creations.
Sorceress Cagliastro, Blood Sorceress, Necromancer in the hands of 9

I could never say enough good things about The Vodou Store and its wonderful proprietors! I can not thank them enough for all their amazing products as well as all the hard work and effort that go into them. Their products bring such joy to my practice and help me to honor my Gods in such a beautiful and powerful way. Much gratitude and love!
April F. — CA, US

I am really glad that I found you online, Docteur! We are both really expanding our knowledge and those with inquisitive minds, truly unite! Thank you for your expertise and enjoyment of Vodou! May your store bring you many blessings and we will definitely keep doing business!
Fleury R. — The Netherlands

Seven years ago, I had a run in with some kind of entity. I tried everything to get rid of it: Reiki, cleansing baths, meditation, etc. To no avail, nothing worked until I ran across The Vodou Store. The first night I used Hekate's Water of Absolution, I felt the entity depart from my aura and then it tried to butt its way back into my aura. When it couldn't, it gave up and left (it hasn't come back). If it hadn't been for the Water of Absolution, I would still be dealing with this same issue. I owe this seller a great debt of gratitude.

I would like to personally thank Docteur Cli D'Anto for assisting me with an issue that I had. Everything he did was performed with professionalism and knowledge for Vodou. The results in the end were equally as impressive. I have no doubts in my mind that the Docteur is the one I should be thanking for the outcome I have received. Everything I asked for to happen did, and I would not hesitate going to him again with any issues that Vodou would resolve. It was an amazing experience, and again, thank you Docteur!
Julie C. — NY, US

I came to Docteur Cli D'Anto with an issue that had been wearing me down for years. He listened, asked a few questions, then shared his view and asked me what I wanted. He said he would petition the spirits and if what I wanted was reasonable, they would help me. He performed the ceremony and prayed. Afterward, we talked about Vodou and hoodoo and we shared a few experiences we'd had with the spirit world throughout our lives. The Docteur is at peace with his calling, and I am on a journey to understand mine and suggested books I could read to help me along the way, and I left him that day with a sense of renewed purpose and peace of mind.

He said there are spirits who watch over mothers and children, caring for them and protecting them. I am more aware of my angels than I was before, and I am grateful for his knowledge and passion for his calling. The situation I sought his help with has improved, but more important than that, I have a peace of mind and a trust in God that increases each day. I sincerely appreciate the Docteur's taking the time to help me and to really help me understand the Vodou religion.
Ms. V. — IL, US

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