Bone & Curio Divination Set

  • Bone & Curio Divination Set

Bone divination is practiced worldwide due not only to its accuracy, but its personalization. By adding other significant objects and curios, this starter kit lets you assign meaning and symbolism making your divination easy to throw and easy to interpret. Start your own tradition and let the bones speak to you!


  • Alligator Foot
  • Cat's Eye Shell
  • Buckeye Nut
  • Brass Gypsy Bell
  • Coyote Molar*
  • Bone Shell
  • Dice (Bone*)
  • Cowrie Shell
  • Coyote Bone*
  • Moon (Bone*)
  • Chinese Lucky Coin
  • Stone Heart
  • Baby Doll
*When available, otherwise it will be substituted for another animal bone.