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The Vodou Store Institute is a forum to learn, share, and experience the living traditions of the occult. We pride ourselves on providing only the most accurate and provocative information backed by trusted sources. At The Vodou Store Institute, seekers will find and be able to contribute to the fullest picture of topics such as magical tradition, occult practice, and divination. Feel free to ask, share, or simply research to expand your own knowledge.

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Our Library Our Library
Here at The Vodou Store, we encourage all of our clients to learn as much as they can about the history, folklore, and traditions our products are based on. These topics range from American Conjure, to Witchcraft and Occultism. As we read and approve, our list of references will grow. Learning is our passion, and we will only provide the most authentic and well researched information we can find.

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Resource Center

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Herb Lore & Magic Herb Lore & Magic

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Rituals & Practices Rituals & Practices

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Gods, Spirits, & Everything in Between Gods, Spirits, & Everything in Between

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Folklore, Myths, & Superstitions Folklore, Myths, & Superstitions
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Amulets, Charms, & Talismans Amulets, Charms, & Talismans
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Altars & Shrines Altars & Shrines
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Hymns & Prayers Hymns & Prayers

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The Vodou Store

How to use The Vodou Store's spiritual supplies.

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News & Announcements News & Announcements
The latest news and announcements concerning The Vodou Store and The Vodou Store Institute.

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Monthly Newsletters Monthly Newsletters

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About Our Products and How To About Our Products and How To's

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